Methods Of Design

The methods I chose for my Photovoice Project are participant observation and fly-on-the-wall observation. These two were the best as crossing the street around campus is already something I am involved in but also because I wanted to be able to see like a fly on the wall what is going on when I am … Continue reading Methods Of Design

Greetings, From SJU

We have all had that moment of pure excitement and bliss when we receive a postcard, especially in todays era of technology overload. A postcard is simple and genuine, though sometimes bland it is the essence of the traveling mail getting to your doorstep. For me, that was receiving a postcard from my very close … Continue reading Greetings, From SJU

Design Activity

The design activity gave me a whole new insight to how to converse with someone and get information from them. It was interesting to ask the basic questions and then have to follow up again and dig deeper. It was hard to use the items to make my initial problem statement but my partner and … Continue reading Design Activity